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Tramex Water Damage Restoration EZ Kit

  • $975.00

A compact kit for instant and precise non-destructive testing of moisture conditions in numerous building materials such as concrete and other cementitious materials per ASTM F2659, as well as drywall, wood, plaster, brick, tiles, resilient flooring, laminates and roofing.

Featuring the Tramex MEP non-destructive overall building inspection moisture meter, and the Tramex CME4 concrete moisture meter. The Water Damage Restoration EZ Kit comes in a Tramex Easy-travel case.

Features of the CME4

  • Clear easy-to-read analog dial.
  • No need to probe, drill or mechanically damage the surface.
  • Instant and accurate readings deep into the surface. Non-destructive in operation.
  • Hold function “freezes” meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible and for easy recording of readings.
  • Reproducible results.
  • Spring-loaded contact pins compensate for uneven concrete and boost signal penetration.
Features of the MEP

  • A wide range of readings for wood from 5% to 30%.
  • Deep signal penetration up to 11⁄4” (30mm) into the materials being tested without the need to damage the surface.
  • Three ranges of sensitivity: Wood, Timber / Drywall, Roofing / Plaster, Brick – making it ideal for testing various building materials.
  • Detects moisture through paint, wall coatings, drywall, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and ceiling tiles.


All Tramex products carry a full satisfaction guarantee including a one year warranty against defects in parts & workmanship and a refund if the unit is returned, shipping pre-paid, in new condition within 21 days of original delivery. Proof of purchase is necessary.

WDZK5.1 Datasheet

Water Damage Restoration Information Guide 

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