Tramex PTM2.0 Professional Pin-Type Meter for Wood- Digital LCD

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The Professional PTM 2.0 is a hand-held, digital, pin-type resistance moisture meter designed to take precise measurements of moisture content in wood, relative drywall readings and comparative WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) readings in wood by-products and other building products. The Professional PTM 2.0 has built-in standard calibrations, specific calibration for over 500 wood species and adjustable temperature correction.

  • Built-in calibration for 500+ wood species or standard calibration selection.
  • Wide moisture content range: 6 - 46% and digital readout to 0.1% accuracy
  • Adjustable temperature correction
  • Built-in calibrations checks for confirmed accuracy
  • Reading ‘Hold’ facility
  • Save up to 100 readings for max, min, average and standard deviation statistics
  • Colour LCD screen with brightness adjustment for low-light operation
  • Heavy-duty, light-weight aluminum construction
  • Built-in pins and optional external handheld and hammer probes available

How It Works:

The Professional PTM 2.0 moisture meter works on the principle of DC resistance. When the electrode pins are pressed or driven into the wood, the electrical resistance between the electrodes is measured. If the wood is dry, the resistance is high. If moisture is present in the wood the electrical resistance between the pins changes. The higher the moisture content the greater the reduction in resistance. The level of resistance is accurately measured by the instrument, which translates it into a moisture value. This is a percentage of dry weight moisture content for wood; comparative drywall reading values; and a WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent reference) value for many other building materials.


All Tramex products carry a full satisfaction guarantee including a one year warranty against defects in parts & workmanship and a refund if the unit is returned, shipping pre-paid, in new condition within 21 days of original delivery. Proof of purchase is necessary.

PTM2.0 Datasheet

Also available in the Tramex Professional Wood Master Kit (PTM2.0, HH14TP30 & HA21SP52)

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