Tramex MRH3 (Instrument Only)

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MRH3 (Instrument Only)

The Tramex MRH III Moisture and Humidity Meter is a hand-held digital moisture meter calibrated for most building materials. It also attaches to an optional plug-in Tramex Hygro-i ® relative humidity probe and heavy-duty pin-type electrodes. Suitable for many industries including Water Damage Restoration, Flooring, Indoor Air Quality, Home Inspection and Pest Control.


  1. Non-destructive testing of moisture content in wood, tracing moisture in the wood-based products and many other building materials such as bricks, plaster, ceramic tiles, and laminates.
  2. Pin-probe plug-in attachment (optional) for moisture content in wood and an indication of moisture conditions in wood-based products.
  3. Hygro-i ® probe attachment (optional) for relative humidity and temperature measurement.


  • Digital, non-destructive moisture meter.
  • Optional plug-in wood probe.
  • Optional plug-in Tramex Hygro-i ® relative humidity probe for relative humidity, temperature, dew point and mixing ratio readings.
  • Deep signal penetration to over 1" into the materials being tested without the need to damage the surface. Signal penetration depends on the material being tested and the meter setting.
  • Specific gravity adjustment for most wood species. 
  • External Rubber electrodes make direct contact with the material being tested for best sensitivity and repeatability. 
  • A wide range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative for all other materials.
  • Backlit, large, clear, easy to read LCD display. 
  • “Hold” function enables the user to "freeze" the reading. Useful for taking readings when the meter face is not visible.
  • Switchable "On" or "Off" audio warning tone. 
  • Automatic power cutoff switches "Off" when not in use.
  • Automatic default to last user setting when switched back on.
  • Battery operated (included).
  • Warranty

All Tramex products carry a full satisfaction guarantee including a one year warranty against defects in parts & workmanship and a refund if the unit is returned, shipping pre-paid, in new condition within 21 days of original delivery. Proof of purchase is necessary.

MRH3 Datasheet

MRH3 Pest Control Datasheet

Pest Control Informational Guide

EIFS Informational Guide

IAQ/ Mold Remediation Inspection Kit Datasheet

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