Tramex Hygro-i2 ® Probe - Pack of 100 Sensors with FREE RHIE2 cable

  • $6,340.00

Tramex Hygro-i2 ® Probe - Pack of 100 with FREE RHIE2 cable

The all-new Tramex Hygro-i2 ® Relative Humidity probe is the most advanced and resilient RH probe on the market today. Used in conjunction with the Tramex CMEX2 or MRH3 non-destructive moisture meters the Hygro-i ® probe provides measurements of humidity, temperature and dew-point in structural materials such as concrete flooring, walls etc. ,as well as, the environmental conditions within the building structure allowing the user to perform in-situ & hood type RH testing to comply with ASTM F2170 & BS 8201,8203, 5325.   

The Hygro-i2 probe is even faster and more accurate than it's predecessor and we are confident you're going to love the improvement.

As well as being designed for use with the new FeedBack DataLogger system, the Hygro-i2 probe is also designed to work with the CMEX2 & MRH3 instruments using a specially designed new Connector Cable RHIE2.

Package of 100 drops the unit price down to $57.06!

Also available:

Package of 1: Unit price $108

Package of 3: Unit price $97.67

Package of 6: Unit price $86.33

Package of 12: Unit price $76.92

Package of 25: Unit price $68.96

Package of 50: Unit price $62.02

*(Connects to CMEX2 & MRH3 with required Hygro-i ® Electronic Interface Cable)


Hygro-i RH Probe Datasheet

Concrete Informational Guide

Flooring Informational Guide

Roofing Informational Guide

Water Damage Restoration Informational Guide

Pest Control Informational Guide

EIFS Informational Guide



Calibration Salt Check

50 Hygro-i Hole Liners and Caps

100 Hygro-i Hole Liners and Caps

200 Hygro-i Hole Liners and Caps

Hygro-i Electronic Interface Cable (Connects to Hygro-i Probe to CMEX2 & MRH3)

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