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Lignomat V-2M Ligno-VersaTec Package with Electrode E12, Concrete Moisture Meter Complete Kit

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Ligno-VersaTec Package with Electrode E12


The Ligno-VersaTec combines the accurate measuring technologies of Lignomat’s pin, pinless and RH meters. Add electrodes for quality control and inspection applications.
Step 1: Use as a dual-depth pinless meter.
Step 2: Add RH BluePeg Probe for Thermo-Hygrometer function.
Step 4: Add Electrodes to use as a pin meter.
Step 5: Add RH BluePeg probes, sleeve, and cable for in-situ concrete test
Step 5: (ASTM F2170)



Pin moisture meter and Pinless moisture meter, Plus RH connector for evaluating concrete using ASTM F2170, E-12 slide hammer for measuring wood up to 2", Dual depth capabilities allows for measuring at 1/4" and 3/4". 71 Wood groups for measuring different species, 3 different reference scales with different sensitivities, Sheetrock scale from 0-2 and bamboo calibrations. 5-60, resolution of 0.1.


  • Calibration is internally checked and adjusted before each reading in pin and pinless mode.
  • Measuring range is low enough to check kiln dried wood, hardwood floors, etc. The pinless mode allows lower readings in hardwoods.
  • Moisture range high enough to check green lumber (99%).
  • Measuring range depends on wood species settings.
  • Moisture readings above fiber saturation point 25-30% are less accurate.
  • Pinless meters can read lower moisture values in hardwood.
  • Using RH probes in concrete is the ASTM approved method to test concrete before installing any type of floor covering.
  • The Ligno-VersaTec was designed for versatility, reliability, and accuracy as well as sturdiness and ease of operation.
  • Microprocessor-based circuitry assures calibration stability and accuracy for the lifetime of the meter.
  • 150 Individual correction settings for domestic and tropical wood species, bamboo, and drywall.
  • Resolution for entire range 0.1%.
  • Reference scale for concrete and other materials (0-99).
  • Connector for external electrode and RH cables built-in.


Teflon coated pins allow core measurements and accurate readings of layered engineered wood.

 Package# V-2M

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