Lignomat S-4P (mini-Ligno SD/C Moisture Meter, E-14M Electrode, EG pins and pouch)

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mini-Ligno S/DC Moisture Meter, E-14M electrode with EG pins in a green pouch.For construction Maintenance and restoration great tool to get into hard to reach places


The mini-Ligno S/DC moisture meter measures wood, has a percentage scale for drywall and a reference scale for other building materials. The Electrode E14 is designed to measure hard+to-reach corners, under baseboards, around window frames. The handle is extendable to reach ceilings and floors easily.


  • A unique shape that fits comfortably in your hand when measuring
  • A measuring range low enough to check hardwood floors (6%*)
  • A measuring range high enough to evaluate wet lumber (45*)
  • A bright, digital display readable even in dark crawl spaces
  • Resolution of 0.1% below the critical range of 10%
  • 2 Settings for wood species corrections including a chart  for domestic and tropical wood species including bamboo
  • A reference scale 0-99 for non-wood building materials such as drywall, plaster and other “soft” building materials. For instance, to pinpoint problems around windows or showers, in leaky ceilings, after water lines broke or buildings were flooded.

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Item S-4P

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