Lignomat Pk of 10 RH BluePeg Probe (for Concrete test, with red cap)

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10 BluePeg sensors with the red cap. Response time 8 seconds.

The RH Blue System offers the best choice for moisture measurement of concrete slabs using the RH in-depth probes and the RH Moisture Meters by Lignomat. RH probes are removable and reusable sensors that comply with ASTM F2170.

The RH Blue Peg is a sensor for relative humidity and ambient temperature that is used with the Lignomat RH Moisture Meters. If too much moisture is inside a concrete slab at the time a floor is installed or coatings are applied, the trapped moisture will eventually travel to the surface and affect the coatings or floor coverings.


RH Blue System Advantages

  • BluePeg Sensors allow for a quick test, 72-hour test, and long-term moisture monitoring
  • Sensors are removed and re-used after each test
  • Sensors are small enough to disappear below the surface and can be covered by a protective cover in between readings
  • One-time, low investment because the BluePeg Sensors can be re-used
  • Easy to use and easy to read


  • RH: +/-2% (10-90%), +/-3% below 10%, above 90%
  • T: +/-0.5°F (32-120°F) , +/-1°F (5-32°F and 120-160°F)
  • Resolution for RH and T: 0.1% and 0.1°

Also available in packages of 1, 3 or 5. Call for a quote on amounts larger than 10.

Operating Instructions for RH BluePeg Probe

Item RH-10BP

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