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Lignomat Package K-PP (Home Inspector or Restoration Kit)

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Package K-PP (Lignometer K pin moisture meter, in case M, all electrodes but no Hygrometer)

Tracking moisture problems to the source with the precision pin meter Lignometer K and a Thermo-Hygrometer. Pin meters are a more versatile choice for building surveillance because the selectable depth penetration from the Electrode Pins can track problems to a 7″ depth.

The Lignometer K can be used for rough estimates. However, if exact measurements are required the K will deliver accurate moisture readings corrected by 150 wood species settings. The measuring range is wide enough for freshly cut to dry wood and for water damaged building materials. The Thermo-Hygrometer PN can check overall relative humidity and temperature conditions.

The 3 Electrodes included allowing wood measurement (E12), measuring the building envelope (E14), measuring hard materials (E16). All inclusive.

Moisture Meter: Lignometer K – pin meter

  • Microprocessor-based circuitry assures calibration stability and accuracy for the lifetime of the meter.
  • Calibration is internally checked and adjusted before each
  • reading.
  • Measuring range is low enough to check hardwood floors, musical instruments, furniture grade lumber (5%).
  •  Measuring range is high enough to evaluate green lumber (99%).
  •  150 Individual correction settings for domestic and tropical wood species, bamboo, and drywall.
  •  Resolution for entire range 0.1%.
  •  Reference scale is available for concrete and other materials (0-99).
  • Connector for external cable built-in lumber-drying-moisture-meter-K
  • Reliable, accurate and easy to use. This top-of-the-line meter performs well in harsh environments of manufacturing plants, sawmills, lumber yards and restoration sites.

Owner's Manual Lignometer K

Wood Group Card Lignometer K

Specifications and Features of Lignometer K 

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