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Lignomat Ligno-Tec RH-KS Concrete Moisture Meter Kit

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Standard RH Testing Package RH-KS:
1 LignoTec RH meter,
1 RH BluePeg Probe, 1 RH Adapter,
1 RH Cable, 10 Sleeves with caps, 1 Case S


  • Microprocessor-based circuitry assures stability and accuracy for the lifetime of the meter.
  • Meter indicates RH, T, DPT, GPP
  • The number 134 on the screen is an individual probe number to give the customer an easy way to identify RH BluePeg Probes especially if several probes are in use for testing concrete. Probe numbers rotate through 001-999.
  • The meter has a HOLD function, to use when the display is not visible during measurements, and to use when scrolling through RH, T, GPP, DPT to obtain correlating sets of values.

The Package RH-KS includes the Ligno-tec RH and basic necessities for RH concrete moisture testing.

The Lignomat RH system complies to the latest ASTM standard. We are committed to updating our equipment if needed to any changes suggested by ASTM F2170.

Item RH-KS

Moisture Measurement and Relative Humidity Testing for Concrete

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