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Lignomat Ligno-Scanner S

  • $210.00

Ligno-Scanner S Moisture Meter

  • Lignomat’s Pinless Advantage:
  • Quickly scan a large number of boards without leaving pinholes
  • No effort is required to push pins into hardwood
  • Pinless meters can read lower moisture values in hardwood than pin meters
  • The Ligno-Scanner S gives true wood moisture readings in percent using built-in corrections for different species. Corrections can also be programmed by entering the specific gravity between 0.3 and 1.0. Resolution is 0.1% for the entire measuring range. HOLD function is available in all pinless meters from Lignomat.

Why choose a Scanner from Lignomat?
Lignomat’s unique measuring technology assures calibration accuracy, reliability, and repeatability backed by a 2-year warranty on all meters.

When selecting the right pinless moisture meter for your application consider measuring depth and the materials you want to measure. The measuring depth is crucial for any pinless meter.

Pinless moisture meters are usually calibrated for wood 3/4″ thick. The Ligno-Scanner S is set for 1/4″ deep, which works great for all boards less than 3/4″ thick. The S also works for veneer wood, 1mm and up. For thinner veneers, we recommend measuring a stack of a few sheets.

The meter is sensitive to surface moisture so it is often used to check waterborne finishes, veneer wood and to measure surface moisture.

Measure non-wood building materials using the reference scale.
Works great for Compare and Search Mode in restoration applications.

Other Options:

Ligno-Scanner SD, dual-depth for wood, 3/4″ and 1/4″
Ligno-Scanner SDM, dual depth for wood, bamboo, drywall, concrete
Ligno-DuoTec BW: pinless – RH meter, add RH BluePeg Probe
Ligno-VersaTec: all in one pin-pinless-RH meter

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