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Lignomat mini-Ligno DX/C Kit

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Lignomat mini-Ligno DX/C Kit
The mini-Ligno DX/C is a pin meter for measuring wood, bamboo, sheetrock, and other building materials with a built-in connector for an external electrode.
Designed for home inspectors, wood floor installers, architects, contractors, painters, and homeowners to measure moisture in wood and soft building materials such as sheetrock, plaster, and gypsum. Ideal to pinpoint problem areas. The reference scale for
non-wood building materials allows easy identification of excess moisture. Also includes 40 different wood calibrations for testing a variety of domestic and tropical species plus calibrations for bamboo. This meter is great for the hardwood floor installer who
comes across many different species of wood and bamboo.
Includes built-in connectors for attaching an optional electrode.
  • Bright LED display
  • Ergonomic, durable, rugged design for easy operation
  • Wide measuring range for wood scale (5-65%)
  • Built-in corrections for 40 wood groups
  • Specialized bamboo corrections
  • Gypsum (Sheetrock) scale (0.0-7.5%)
  • Reference Scale for non-wood building materials (0-100)
  • Automatic shut off
  • Temperature stable circuitry with built-in calibration check for the meter
  • Built-in connector for optional electrode

Package D-2M consists of:
1 mini-Ligno DX/C moisture meter, 1 Case M
1 Electrode E12, 1 pair pins each DZ 1″ and DA 1.5″, 1 mini-BNC Cable

1 Inspector Electrode E14M, 1 pair of pins 3/4″ Teflon-coated, with cable

User Instructions mini-Ligno DX/C 

Wood Group Card mini-Ligno DX

Specifications and Features of mini-Ligno DX/C

Item D-2M

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