Delmhorst Navigator Pro

  • $910.00


  • Simplified menu options in Basic Mode for quick and easy use.
  • Job definition of up to 5 jobs with unique Job ID numbers in Enhanced Mode.
  • Data grouping by specific rooms, with up to 32 rooms per job.
  • Pin mode:
    • 5%-60% MC wood scale.
    • 0-100 numerical reference scale.
    • 0.1% - 6% drywall scale.
  • Scan Mode: 0-300 numerical reference scale.
  • Thermo-hygrometer:
    • Measures temp/RH.
    • Calculates GPP/dew point.
    • Fast response time.  
  • Store up to 1400 readings with date, time, room, and location stamp.
  • View stored readings on the screen.
  • Optional software lets you download readings to your computer and generate Excel reports.
  • Size: 8 ½” x 3 3/8” x 1 ¾”.
  • Weight: 11 oz.
  • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use.
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case.
  • 1-year warranty.

Navigator Pro Package Variations:

With Case: Includes meter, (1) RHT-S1 humidity and sensor carrying case. Order as NAVPROW/CS. (Price: $910.00)

Basic Package: Includes meter, (1) RHT-S1 humidity sensor, carrying case, 2-E electrode, and PC/KIT software application program. Order as NAVPRO/BP. (Price: $1,125.00)

Restoration Package: Includes meter, 26-ES electrode, 2-E electrode, 21-E electrode, PC/KIT software application program, (1) RHT-C1 cable and carrying case. Great for the restoration contractor who needs to provide documentation. Order as NAVPRO/RP. (Price: $1,485.00)