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If you work on HVAC/R systems, you need one simple tool to help you find problems quickly and create easy-to-understand pictures that show your customers exactly what the issues are…and prove that you’ve fixed them. That’s why you need a FLIR thermal camera.

  1. A condenser’s coils can become plugged, be low on Freon, or even leak Freon. Any of these will cause problems with the system, and all of them are easy to see with a FLIR thermal camera.
  2. Ducts can leak at joints or they can lose insulation over time, reducing the efficiency of HVAC systems and wasting money. These problems are easy to find with a thermal camera
  3. Electrical problems can take a lot of time to track down by conventional means, but a thermal camera lets you see circuits that have blown fuses and bad connections.
  4. One quick look with a thermal camera can show you how well a radiant floor is working and right where any problems are. The faster you find the problem, the more time you save in repairs.
  5. With a FLIR thermal camera, you can check coil temperatures quickly and easily to make sure these systems are operating within their designed specifications.


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